Founder & President

Inspired by a lifelong passion for fashion, art and beauty and fueled by a relentless pursuit for products with integrity, our Founder established everbloom to create premium natural beauty products with a conscience.

With a distinguished career as a seasoned executive stewarding one of the world’s leading brands, she has a unique combination of business leadership, brand strategy experience and insights into recognizing unmet customer needs, essential to shaping a premium consumer-focused brand.  Her voracious drive to master any pursuit combined with an attention to detail and acumen to uncover and distill issues to their essence led to our Founder’s vision for everbloom.

As a fashion aficionado, creative, and ardent lover of all things of beauty and substance, she also has the unique sense of style, aesthetics, and empathy to create products that excel in both form and function. An Italian chef at age 11, a state writing champion in high school, and a regular weekend visitor to New York’s fine art museums are just a few of the early steps along the creative path that sparked her passion to found everbloom.

Since early 2012, she has gained beauty industry domain expertise that has earned the credibility of industry peers, established meaningful relationships and partnerships with business, marketing, branding, and industry leaders to guide her vision, and personally developed hundreds of product formulations across categories in pursuit of perfection.

“Every day, everbloom listens and learns. I invite you to
share your thoughts and ideas, so that from the
ground up, everbloom is a company built
by our customers and for our customers.”

Founder, everbloom